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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

We developed this matrix special program to take the hard work out of promoting and building a downline, while making it simple and straight forward for members to make money several ways in a short period of time -- with little effort. Our program is about to revolutionize the mail order MLM industry. We have developed a revolutionary commission plan, which is a pure fun, extremely exciting and much more rewarding than any other program in mail order industry.


  • With "ELITE MILLIONAIRE 100" You Earn $50 From Each Person You Sponsor, Plus You Will Be Placed In Unique New Explosive 4x10 Forced Matrix System, Where You Can Earn $2,708,828. Build Lifetime Income, We Will Help You Build Your Downlines. When you join 100 of your flyers will be printed & mailed to Opportunity Seekers for you to help you build your downlines..


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It's time for a change. Time for a revolution. Time to change the way you earn! "ELITE MILLIONAIRE 100" is finally here. Its stunningly SIMPLE, yet incredibly POWERFUL! And better yet, its amazingly AFFORDABLE!

Our compensation plan is really simple, but, it is unbelievably powerful. It is based on a 4x10 Forced matrix, and works much like any other forced matrix in terms of matrix placements. In a 4x10 matrix, every position is directly connected to only one position above it, and 4 positions below it.

Those 4 in turn have only 4 attachments below each of them, and again so do those below, and this continues on down for 10 levels.


Beside earning $50.00 for each person you personally sponsor, you will also be entered into the 4x10 forced matrix. One slot in the program has an earning potential of $2,708,828. The Members earn for direct/indirect referrals and spillovers. This means that you do not only earn for every person you refer, but also get paid for the referrals referred by your sponsors and then for there referrals and so on. The table below is an example which demonstrates how your earnings will accumulate to $2,708,828 of total income by just referring 4 people who can follow the system up to the 10 level. We do not limit the number of your slot desired. Everyone has the potential to earn unlimited income because there is no saturation. You can make your up lines and cross lines your down lines, and refer as many as you can and therefore earn quite a bit more.

The sample above is if everyone brought in 4 people. What if you sponsored more than 4 people? Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people. POTENTIAL IS MIND BOGGLING!  


Just follow the 2 Easy Steps below to Join!

STEP1. Click Here To Print Out The "ELITE MILLIONAIRE 100" Circular.

STEP 2: Follow The Easy Instructions Given How To Join In The Circular.

NOTICE: This is a Legal Program. It involves Print & Mail Service. No guarantee are made or implied. Results vary. Void where prohibited by law. All sales are final. No Refunds.