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How Would You Like To Receive $1,000 Per Month . . . $2,000 Per Month . . . $4,000 Per Month . . . $6,000 Per Month . . . $8,000 Per Month . . . AND THERE IS NO LIMIT! ALL FOR ONE TIME EFFORT!


Let's go over in details about the "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN" Compensation Plan.

CLICK HERE to print out the flyer. Complete the form provided in the flyer and return to the Monitor Z.A.C. (listed in the flyer) with $20 Cash or Money Order or pay by PayPal.
Also send a copy of the flyer and $20 Cash Or Money Order (No Checks Accepted) directly to the person listed in the Referrer Box in the flyer. Or pay by PayPal. 
We will send you monthly Payment Forms that you will use to send your $20 monthly payments for the Member That Referred You, and to send $20 monthly payments To The Monitor Z.A.C. to cover the accounting, providing LIFETIME PERSONALIZED WEBSITE to the Members and maintenance expenses of your participation in "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20"
You will also receive camera-ready copy of your circular, ads, postcard master copy with your name, address on it. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE POSTCARD.
Your total cost each month for your participation in “EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20” is $40.00. There are no other charges by monitor Z.A.C.
Your total “EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20” earning each month can be in the thousands, however, your ““EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20” earning each month depends on your own efforts and is not pre-determined.
Every time you get someone to fill out and send in one of these forms in the flyer that you gave or sent to them they are agreeing to send you $20.00 each and every month.


Question: Who Can Join The Program?
Answer: Anyone 18 years of age or older may join our progarm
Question: Is "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20" available worldwide?
Answer: NO - Only in the United States, (Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Included).
Question: How much does it cost to join as a Referrer?
Answer: Membership costs just $40 a month for lifetime consistent income. $40 comes directly to you  consistently monthly from each of your enrollees.
Question: How long before I can start earning money?
Answer: You can start earning within 4 to 7 business days after the two $20 payments are paid to Monitor and the Referrer.
Question: How are my commissions paid?
Answer: You will be paid $20 Cash or Money Order, or PayPal Payments directly by your enrollees each month. 
Question: What is your Refund Policy?
Answer: Once any membership payments are received and processed, there will be NO REFUNDS CAN OR WILL BE GIVEN.
Question: I have a question not answered here?
Answer: Send your question to: On subject write "EZ RETIREMENT PLAN 20/20" also make sure you send the Referrer's Name. We will not reply if you don't send referrer's name. 


Follow The Easy Instructions Given On How To Join In The Circular.

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